YFLAND : Introduce Farming Yields

YFLAND is a DeFi Yield Farming platform. A way to make more crypto with your crypto . Decentralized governance model and risk control mechanism aim to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between borrowers, creditors, and guarantors.

YFLAND is the Defi platform on the Ethereum platform. YFLAND aims to new project becomes a platform for anyone to participate in. All platform operations are performed on smart contracts.

All YFLAND tokens are locked, Circulating tokens will be generated in each block that the ETH network creates.

YFLAND token value growth depends on the amount of locked assets in the system.

More About YFLAND Farming Yields :

1. Liquidity pool:

Including 1 trading pair YFLAND token: ETH
For investors who want to join the project
+ Buy Token YFLAND with ETH
+ Create pool liquid YFLAND : ETH (50% — 50%)
+ Farm into the project to earn YFLAND tokens.
+ Tokens received, investors will sell at this liquidity pool

2. Farming (Staking to receive rewards)

There will be Farm:
+ Farm lock 1 month (daily reward will be less than 3 months lock).
+ Farm lock 3 months.
+ Farm designing solar model, 8 floors, 10%? 1st floor: 3%; floors 2,3,4: 1%; Level 5: 6: 7: 8: 0.5% according to the amount of YFLAND token rewards per block.

YFLAND will release Farming Yields on Octobor 28th 2020 (16:00 UTC)

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